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About Mobritech

Mobritech Ltd is a wholly Zambian owned company based in the Republic of Zambia with the sole purpose of delivering tailored and innovative ICT and engineering solutions that helps organizations leverage technology, communications and people to: -

  • streamline business processes
  • Lower operational costs
  • increase productivity
  • And ultimately win market share.
The passion to care for the people and property that makes these businesses gave rise to Mobritech Ltd, the name which is synonymous with ICT, Engineering Installations and Consultancy in Zambia, and is a leader in its line of business.
Mobritech Ltd was formed in December 2005 and was fully incorporated in March 2010. Prior to that, the Founder and Proprietor, an electrical engineer, has been working for the copper mining industry in various management roles at six mining operating areas for a total of 33 years. His vast experience is what led to the formation of the company.
Mobritech Ltd is managed by a highly competent management team. The company has self-motivated and well trained management staff and a varied number of skilled staff. Mobritech Ltd is positioning itself to penetrate the unlettered regions, particularly the industrial sector as well as to service international markets in Central and Southern Africa.
The company has since its inception been a quality provider of ICT, Engineering and Consultancy services to its customers.
Company Objectives:
At Mobritech Ltd, smart performance is always with the shareholders in mind.
The company’s major business is in the installation of ICT systems to its customers; to the highest levels of international and operational standards.
The company is committed inter alia, to the following:
  • Provide an attractive return to the shareholders.
  • Aim to become the preferred and leading supplier of quality world ICT services and equipment.
  • Conduct business in the most professional, efficient and unique customer care manner.
  • Optimise customer relationship through swift goods delivery, training support and team work.
  • To be the best employer in its business line.
  • To soar above the competitions through excellence and adherence to ethical conduct at all times.
  • Maintain open communication with customers, suppliers, employees, the media and all stakeholders.
  • To grow the company sales, capacity and product range while maintaining a high standard of quality in all our products and services
  • Offering products and services that provide value for money
  • Promising only what we can deliver
  • Promoting the maintenance of environments where men and women work safely
  • Adopt a responsible position in the community through corporate social responsibility programmes.
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Call us: +260 966 513635 | +260 974 179486
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