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Corporate E-mail & Hosting in Zambia

IT Solutions

Domain and Web Hosting

Mobritech Limited provides reliable Domain and Hosting services. We are dedicated to providing reliable web hosting solutions of the highest quality. All of our plans come with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
Our focus is on reliability, uptime, and customer support. We offer virtual and dedicated Web hosting, delivering high performance web hosting that ensures that your site is never overloaded, is available (up time), and your Internet application issues are quickly resolved. Affordable yearly pricing on hosting includes setup, initial design work, and ongoing maintenance.
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Mobritech Limited hosts websites with world's most reliable hosting companies. Reliability is of prime importance because web hosting means storing web pages on servers from where you will be connected to the internet and can access your website worldwide and considering huge traffic on internet you needed the connection with higher capacity which must be fastest in speed and highest bandwidth our network providers promises all this with best quality services.
So whether your website is just some static pages or an e-commerce website with a large number of users our technical support staffs makes it possible to make your hosting experience very swift and smooth.

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Email Only Hosting Plans for your Business

Mobritech offers the lowest cost email hosting services, while at the same time delivering the same high reliability and dependability our users have grown accustomed to. All our mail servers offer 100% redundancy so you will never lose an important business e-mail anymore when you entrust your email services with Mobritech.
If you only need email hosting, using your company's domain name, the plans on this page represent the best value for your business or organization.
Our email-only hosting plans are specifically designed for companies that don't have a website yet, but own a domain name or need a domain name and they need their email addresses identified to that domain name. Example: (Advert Free)

A Free address from the internet or an email address supplied to you free of charge from your Internet service provider is ok, but it doesn’t look professional when your customers or business associates communicate with you via email. Also these providers usually have adverts on them and other things making it unprofessional for your well establsihed business.
If the name of your company is for example: Mobritech Limited, then you need to make sure that all your emails are identified with a domain such as or an address such as It looks much better right?
Reliable e-mail service today is rapidly getting indispensible. What used to be a mere convenience in the early days of the Internet has now become a true business necessity that you simply cannot do without anymore.
Mobritech Email only Hosting Plans
Silver email Hosting:
(Ideal for S.M.Es.)
Gold email Hosting:
Platinum email Hosting:
• Up to 15 email addresses
A generous 500MB storage capacity per email address
• Includes up to 15 customizable email groups
• Up to 30 email addresses
A generous 1GB storage capacity per email address
• Includes up to 30 customizable email groups
Unlimited email addresses
A generous 5GB storage capacity per email address
• Includes up to 30 customizable email groups
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