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Business and Home Security Systems


Our Security Systems can send text messages and call desired numbers once it is activated in an event of an intrusion, they have built-in quad-band GSM frequency communicator. Working with both SIM card and wired telephone line. Hybrid alarm systems contain wireless zones and hardwired zones. With advanced features, such as entry/exit delay, zone attribute, event log, door-bell and more. They help you to protect your property from burglary, break-ins, fire, floods and more.

Do you care about your property?
Nowadays, it is not sufficient to lock the entrance door or to rely on neighbours´ watchfulness. A high fence, bars on the windows, solid blinds and guard gates can make a thief’s work more difficult, but they cannot stop him. On the other hand, a thief can be attracted to an office, a house or a flat with a "fortress" style. An electronic security system can be used as an effective and reliable guard. The sirens sound at the property and information about the alarm is forwarded to the owner’s mobile phone and best of all you can add on CCTV Cameras with remote viewing so you may see what is happening in real-time from your mobile devices.

The Following are the additional Sensors which can be included in the security system:

Wireless /Wired PIR Sensor

With capturing distance from 8-12m and option of angles ranging from 110° -360°
PIR (Passive Infrared Sensors) help in the detection of movement/motion in your building, once motion is detected, it activates the alarm system

Smoke /Heat /Temperature Detector

Wireless Heat + Smoke Detector Power: 6F22 battery 9V Detecting Area: 60m² Open distance: 100-150m. The alarm system is activated once smoke or temperature increases in the building.

Wireless Gas Leakage Detector. It activates the alarm once gas leak is detected in the room.
Power: AC220V or AC110V Support valve control (Optional) Open distance:100 -150m
Door /Window (Including Shutter) /Wall /Water Sensor

Wireless glass break sensor, Wireless Shutter Sensor, Wireless Door/Window Magnetic Sensor, Wired Small Size Surface Mount Door Sensor. These are installed on doors/windows. Once a door or window is open or broken, the alarm system activates.
Infrared Baluster or Beams

Wired /Wireless Infrared Baluster Twin-beam Alarm output: NO or NC Power: 12V DC Valid length: 28cm: Detecting distance: 5m -250m. For outdoor use, they detect motion and activate the alarm system once motion is detected on the premises.These are ideal to protect your outdoor property. They can assist in watching over your vehicles. Of late theives are encaging in theft of tyres and side mirrors for your car. This IR beam is just what you need.
Siren & Horn

Wireless Flashing & Sound Siren Wall Mounted Install, Wireless Flashing & Sound Siren Wall Mounted Install Sound level: up to 130dB

Panic Button /Remote Controller /Fire Button

Wireless Panic Button, Remote Controller (100m sensitivity) Wired Fire Alarm Button, Wireless Wristwatch /Necklace. In an event of emergeny a panic button can be pressed to activate the alarm

We also have motion sensors which have an inbuilt camera. This enables not only to detect motion but also to capture realtime images as a theft occurs.


WIFI Camera: Triggered when alarm sensor detects intrusion, motion, fire or smoke

This Wifi Camera is an essential tool, when you get a notification that your alarm system has gone off, you can view in realtime occurences at your premises remotely.
This will enable to have evidence of a break in or an occurence of fire or flooding.

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