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CCTV Supply and Installation in Zambia

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A CCTV system's most basic purpose is to provide monitoring and surveillance of an area.
This surveillance helps to deter illegal activity by offering the threat of prosecution, and documents the activity of those individuals not approved by the presence of the CCTV system.
It also helps to monitor situations, ranging from large gatherings to more personal uses such as elderly patients with health conditions. Constant monitoring allows for immediate alert and response in cases of emergency, or evidence in legal cases.
CCTV for large perimeter premises:
We offer a CCTV for Farms too. This means you can monitor your animals, harvest, products and storage areas all from one screen, kilometers away.
Secure Your Premises with the Installation of CCTV Cameras.We install, Conventional CCTV, IP Control Systems, and Access Control Digital Access Control Systems that can link to your CCTV and organisation network.
We offer complete, supply, design, installation and maintenance service for all types of CCTV systems, including web based IP (Internet Protocol) camera systems analogue cameras and hybrid solutions which combine both IP and Analogue cameras.
Remote Viewing capabilities:
All our systems installed are capable of remote viewing, this means you can view your premises remotely on your smartphone, ipad or laptop from anywhere you are in the world.
Advantages of having a CCTV System in place:
  • Deter theft
  • Reduce vandalism
  • Monitor high risk or secure areas
  • Ensure quality control
  • Decrease liabilities (ex. fraudulent injury claims)
  • Increase safety for staff in facilities and parking areas
  • Provide evidence by recording from the earliest stages of break-in attempts
  • Confirm remote processes are running properly
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