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Point of Sale Software

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Retail Billing Software with Barcode Scanning features
Mobritech provides the best POS software in the market. We completely focus on customer requirements and customer satisfaction. Our retail store billing software is very user-friendly, it can be familiarised within one or two days. Also all types of reports required for accounting is available in this software. We have a dedicated customer care team to give online training and to help with barcode billing software price and installation of software.

When you are using our POS Software, everything you need is right there when you need it.   All features and options are designed in a simple and  user-friendly manner which anyone can user of their own without any special training. It just operates the way you expect it to; this is such a delight to use, that you would almost feel like it's made for you .
Our POS Software moves as fast as you. You will be able to enter any data in seconds. All the process are light weighted,  robust and reliable. With  instant single-key reporting, all  your business reports will be generated  at a flick. It’s speed and responsiveness will make our POS software the only software that you would love to use.

Our software is ideal for use in Pharmacies, restaurants, Bars, Butcheries, grocery shops, milling plants, cafes and many other places where customers require billing.
Do you own a restaurant?
if so, get our RESTAURANT BILLING SOFTWARE, it is a complete software solution for you, it also has an option for a waiter app, meaning, your waiters can make table orders via mobile phone or tablet PC and this is automatically sent to the main machine and also copies the kitchen for orders to be prepared on time.
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